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Our high class escorts are 100% genuine. The photos are real, the concepts are real, and the experience you will have is real. We do not promote what we cannot provide. In fact, we encourage our potential clientele to try elsewhere to compare the difference.


We know we have the finest selection of high class escorts, providing the finest experience. Not all callers are accepted, which is why we have remained exclusive only to a suitable, cultured clientele, and the target of envious competitors.


*** No drug-addicted girls, no bad hygiene habits and no bad attitudes. Our girls are clean, fresh and genuinely high class, not by label only.

And 100% Discretion and Confidentiality Forever is Guaranteed. ***


Our exclusive, high class model escorts and elite courtesans are of the highest standard in physique (fitness), beauty, attitude and erotic professionalism. They are fully tutored in high class courtesan entertainment, and can provide a heightened erotic experience. Whether a healing, sensual courtesan experience, or a passionate, romantic girlfriend experience, the models are confident and vital, whilst being encouraged to retain their natural passion, femininity and their own personality.


Our models do not rush in and out, or behave with the nonchalant attitude some other high priced female escorts do.


Our models follow their own desire to be ‘the best’ and strive to be first class model escorts in every way. In fact, for most of our escort models and international girls, this is a second income, and mainly entered into for the pure enjoyment.


Our models choose to become full time courtesans for pure enjoyment – of the luxury lifestyle, the continual interaction and attention, and the interesting experiences.


With an added personal touch, attention to detail is our hallmark. We know our 85 – 90% return client rates, and the quality of our clientele, speak for themselves. We provide genuine support and encouragement to bring out the models’ natural warmth and passion for life, coupled with talented, superb entertainment.


The erotic entertainment can include performing sensational choreographed shows for you, and other sensual entertainments, making sure your evening is very memorable, exciting and fulfilling. Reservations are recommended, as entertainment on this level is in high demand.


We strive to maintain the highest of standards, with a selection process that includes as follows: 




We pride ourselves on providing genuinely high quality models and experiences, therefore a warm, compassionate, attentive instinct is important in our models. We encourage our escorts to behave more like a new girlfriend than a paid companion. She should be adventurous, very bright, enjoy her position in life, and be a great pleasure to be around.

Our models do not rush in & out, or behave with the nonchalant attitude that some other high priced ladies do. These are first class escorts in every way. By giving genuine attention and affection, making you feel good about yourself, and discreetly helping you to relax and unwind, she personifies the perfect elite companion for the distinguished gentleman or couple – reminding you of the true meaning of ‘high class’.




All models have full medical tests every 3 weeks to ensure their optimum health and hygiene, however they all lead very wholesome lives, and do not expose themselves to unsafe situations at any time, or behave with socially irresponsible behaviour.




Although 90% of the models in our collection are Caucasian, other nationalities are often popular, and our multinational models must speak English. Models must be able to maintain intelligent communication with elite clientele, and converse perfectly with a beautiful accent, thus providing true discretion in social situations, and genuine high class company.




Courtesan escorts are encouraged to work out, eat well and generally look after themselves. We certainly do not promote drug addicted prima-donnas like some agencies do, and we frown upon illegal substances being offered to our wholesome young ladies. Please refrain from doing so.




CALL 4 GIRL Escort Management look for models who are obviously comfortable with their bodies, confident without being cocky, and instinctively sensual. All models have some experience in spending time with a man, in varying degrees, but quantity does not equal quality.


The main emphasis within the CALL 4 GIRL ESCORT experience is on exciting entertainment and sensual eroticism – for a mutually enjoyable experience.